Questions on Users & Privileges

In the web panel, I can create users and grant privileges. These are 2 separate areas of the web panel. What is the difference between creating a user and granting privileges to someone? I ask this because I am hosting a friend’s web site in a user area I created in my Dreamhost account. Now they want web panel access. There are other sites in that area, and I don’t want my friend mucking about in any files and folders they do not own. So how do I give my friend web panel access to their domain only? Can I accomplish this without having to move their hosting folder/web site?

Manage users creates/manages ftp and shell access users, this grants access to the actual server but not the panel.

You can also grant account privileges (panel privileges) to someone else that already has panel access for a different account. You can define what that user is allowed to do for your account. What I am really unclear about is how to grant panel privileges to someone that is not already a dreamhoster. (Since the form only asks for an email address maybe it’s smart enough to handle both cases, those being-- user already has a password set, and user is new and doesn’t have a password set)

Thank you for your clarification of the issues involved. My first thought on reading your post was that perhaps the ticket is to make them a User first in Manage Users, then grant that user panel privileges. But on reflection, I see I did not read carefully enough, because you said panel privileges are only granted to someone who has panel access to another account. I guess I’ll try the panel privileges approach & see what happens.

Manage Users will only give access to the server, this is different than panel access.

If you Grant Privileges to a user and also check the box “ALL current and future users?” then that panel user could use Manage Users to grant there own server access. (edit to fix typo here.)

It might be more clear what the Grant Privileges option does if you click the button to “Grant Privileges to a new person” and study the next screen. (You can cancel out, you don’t actually have to complete the process.)