Questions on EmailCampaign for OSX


So I bought this program to send monthly emails to all my clients - but when I went to send a test email I got a failure - Failed: 2 undelivered [Connection dropped by server] - Now for the SMTP - I of course used what I use for my email - and did not set up a SSL (which were a couple options below the SMTP box) So anyone know why the server would drop the connections? thanks guys I appreciate your help!




If you have Gmail, I suggest you experiment with your Gmail account. If a message goes through, examine the full headers. It may have a Bulk tag or something else that’s making DH not want to play nice.



No I dont have Gmail, I use my mail for my Dotcom which is hosted and registered through DH.


Without a successful message to analyze, it’s difficult to see what’s going on.



So do you have this program?

If I cant send a message then they is no way to to have a successful message. There is no support on the site on how to set up the settings for SMTP.


No, which is why I suggest you use a Gmail account through which you can send it.