Questions on Drupal One-Click Install

So I’ve been putzing around with this for a couple of months now, and contra the DH wiki page, I have in fact installed several themes and modules, including two modules that I developed myself.

Is the wiki section out of date, or did I just get lucky?

(Also, my (admittedly, as yet, poor) understanding of Drupal suggests that the failure to include the CCK and Views modules in the one-click install is puzzling… if you want to do anything with your site outside of a blog and user forums, CCK and Views are how functionality gets developed.)

Moving on, the current version is 6.3, as it was on install. The “Status Report” admin page notes that the current version is 6.6, and that the site should be updated for security reasons.

Is this something that I can do from the command line, or am I stuck because - as the wiki page notes - “all of Drupal files for that install are hosted on a central server that you do not have FTP access to”? The wiki page also notes that “You never have to keep an eye on Drupal’s Security Announcements … and install these security fixes in a timely manner”, and yet, here I remain at 6.3 four months later.

Note that I’m not complaining about anything here. I’m just trying to figure out what actual constraints I’m up against. If it’s in my best interest to go the full manual install route myself, that’s what I’ll do.