Questions from a potential customer

I’m thinking about hosting my site with you guys but I wanted to ask a few questions about your service before I do so.

First off, how does the subdomain thing work. Here’s what my current host offers me. I have several domains hosted on 1 account by using there Multiple Domain Name Re-direction script. This script allows you to host multiple domains with one account, and have each domain re-direct to its own unique directory. Here’s an example . I’m not sure if this is the same as your subdomain feature?

I also wanted to know if I can run my phpbb with some mods/hacks from various other sites.

Thanks for your support!

Dreamhost is, uh, a dream to work with if you have multiple domains. The control panel makes it so simple.

I run about seven domains from a single account, and about four subdomains. The control panel lets you specify what directory path is the ‘root’ of your domain, so it works much as you are used to. When I add a new domain I just add a directory with the same name and point the domain at it (for example, /user/myaccount/

Subdomains allow you to split a single domain even further. Start with Add and that’s a subdomain. Add and that’s another subdomain. You can create an all-new directory with your subdomain name: /user/myaccount/ or split off a subdirectory to use: /user/ both work just fine.

I run several phpbb’s with no problem. I don’t add hacks anymore because I get tired of reapplying them when I have to upgrade to new versions :-/