Questions for Dreamhost

I have some questions before I decide to host my site with D.H.:

1- Are webstats & Control Panels available for all subdomains, OR are the subdomains accessable via the main CP at no extra cost?

2- I see there are “unlimited Domains Hosted” on all plans… does this mean I can host my business and personal site under one account?

3- Are your current hosting space and bandwidth going to remain the same allotments for customers that decide to keep hosting year after year? If these present allotments can be sustained, I would switch next month and… in all honesty, never need to leave.


The control panel is for all domains (including subdomains) and users. Subdomains work like a normal domain and appear on the menu labeled “domains”

Yup! You just have to keep in mind that this is shared hosting, if one of your sites is really CPU intensive you might get asked to moved to dedicated hosting.

Yup! Bandwidth and disk space will actually grow. If there are any updates to the current packages they will also be applied to current customers (well that’s how they’ve done it since I’ve been hosting with DreamHost for the last 6 years).
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Re 2 - you get a free domain reg. when you sign up. If you already have a registered domain and don’t need the free one that’s ok as they will allow you to register the free one later.

As you register or transfer more domains over, you can add them in under the same plan for no extra charge (other than bandwidth as mentioned above).


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