Questions before I sign up

I’m thinking of using Dreamhost’s $8.95/mo shared web hosting service for a personal blog, and have some pre-purchase questions:

[*]What is charged to my VISA when I sign up? Is it $107.40? ($8.95 x 12) Or only $8.95?

[*] If I decide I want to bail in the first 97 days, do you then refund the entire $107.40? (If that’s the charge when I sign up.) [/list]

[*]Can I use an FTP program to upload files, or is uploading done through a web interface?

[*]Will your hosting service let me craft a pure HTML index page of my own making, and then link to a sub-section of the web site for the WordPress blog I contemplate, or will WordPress take over the site and insist on making itself the index page?

[*]I registered my domain with a domain name registrar. Can you take care of the back end chores of transferring it to dreamhost? And can I also use you as a domain name registrar in the future, if I wish – it would make matters easier for me to pay for the web site and renew the domain from the same company.[/list]

[*]Can I receive e-mail dreamhost e-mail for my domain through an e-mail client like Thunderbird, or am I required to use web mail?[/list]

I once wrote the HTML for a simple web site, so am not an absolute newbie, but that was many, many moons ago, and I’ve forgotten much of what I learned. If my questions show how green I am, that’s why!

The $8.95/month price is for a 2-year plan. One year is $119.40 ($9.95 x 12), two years is $214.80.

Since we have a 2-week free trial, though, your card is only charged $9.95 for the domain registration initially (or nothing at all, if you didn’t register a domain at signup). The rest of the charge is only applied at the end of the trial.

Everything except $9.95 for the free domain registration (if you used it), since that’s not refundable.

FTP, SFTP, and shell access are all available, or you can use a web interface to FTP. Take your pick.

Sure. You can install WordPress to a subdirectory if you so desire, and the rest of the site outside that directory will remain yours to do with as you see fit. (Or you can install WordPress to the root of your site and have it handle everything. The choice is yours.)

Yes, we are a domain name registrar, so you can transfer your domain to us (so long as it’s a type we support — see for a list). Better yet, we include a free domain registration registration/transfer/renewal for any domain using the most common TLDs (com/net/org/info) with every year of hosting, so you can transfer one domain in to us and keep it renewed for no extra charge.

We can’t do everything required to do a domain transfer for you — you’ll have to look up your domain transfer code at your current registrar, for instance, as well as confirming the transfer with them later on. Those parts are unavoidable, but we do what we can to make the process as smooth as possible.

Much like FTP, both options are available. We have webmail clients available, as well as IMAP and POP access.

When you first sign up, you are entering a 2-week trial (which precedes the 97 day money back guarantee). If you DON’T register a domain there will be a charge of a random amount between $1-2 which is then immediately credited back (this is a fraud protection mechanism). If you DO register a domain, then you are charged for the domain registration ($9.95). When the two week trial ends then the 9.95 credit will be applied to the price of your plan because every plan includes one free annual domain registration.

At the end of the 2 week free trial you will be charged either, 8.95x24 = 214.80 -OR- 9.95x12 = 119.40

If you previously paid 9.95 to register a domain at the start of the 2 week free trial, then subtract 9.95 from both of the above.

You can also subtract $97.00 if you use a coupon/promo code like “BONUS97OFF”.

There is no month to month billing anymore you either pay 1-yr in advance at 9.95/month or 2-yrs in advance at 8.95/month.

They give you everything except the money you paid for domain registrations, BUT you can change the nameservers on those and use them at whatever host you want.

yes and yes (both are available)

You can do whatever you want.

You can transfer domains, or just change nameserver and keep the old registrar. As long as the nameserver are set to
it doesn’t matter who the registrar is, and dreamhost will do the back-end DNS work for you. Hosting and Registrar services are 2 different things.

yup again both… web-mail or traditional e-mail client.

Many thanks, Andrew F and LakeRat, for your replies!