Questions About Uploading

I want to host video files, but I’m not able to upload files over 8 mb, is there something I’m doing wrong?

if you are using PHP, the default max upload size is 7MB. If you want to upload a bigger file, you need to customize php.ini

you can refer to for some information on how to customize php.ini

the other way to upload file is to use FTP program (not WebFTP in DH panel).

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If you are attempting to upload the files using the web-based FTP client provided by DreamHost you will be limited to ~7MB maximum file size. As Nathan said, this is due to the web-based client being written in PHP and DreamHosts default install of PHP having that limit set in php.ini

The solution is to use a ‘real’ FTP client running on your computer, instead of the web-based client. You can find a few suggested FTP clients for different operating systems in the wiki article linked below;


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