Questions about the fax thing

yesterday I signed up for a standard hosting service with dreamhost and i received an email telling me absurd things like making an imprint of my creditcard and send it to dreamhost by fax. I don’t have a fax and I don’t have a clue where to get one or better I simply don’t fell/want to do this.
What should i do?should i tell someone that I’m not gonna send this fax? Can i register the domain I was going to register with dreamhost with another company or you booked/reserved it ?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

I think you will find this is standard DreamHost procedure for applications where they think there is a potential for fraud.

I recall reading on the DreamHost blog that the level of fraudulent applications was around 20%, so I can understand them doing all they can to reduce this.

You could try this, but I am afraid it might simply result in your application being rejected.

Surely you can access a fax machine somewhere? Here in Australia, local post offices provide a fax service for those without access to a fax machine, perhaps something similar exists in your country.

I don’t think the domain registration is submitted until your application is approved, so if you decide to cancel your application and purchase hosting elsewhere you should still be able to obtain the domain you wanted.


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I can understand Dreamhost reasons but DreamHost should also understand that there are people on wheelchairs that can’t move around freely and going to a post office means asking somebody to take you there.My guess is that they didn’t think about it.
I could also register to a mail2fax gateway but I’d rather prefer not for the above reason.
Thank you for you fast answer…

Absolutely, and I understand your position perfectly. It is just a pity that we live in a world where fraud is so prevalent that it makes these kind of measures necessary.

It might be worth writing to DreamHost detailing your reasons for not being able to supply the fax they requested. There is no guarantee that they will make an exception, but I guess it is worth a try.

The best place to submit a request is via the Support -> Contact Support section of the admin panel. Even though your application has not yet been approved, you should still be able to log into the panel using the email address and password you selected during the sign up process.

If not, try the contact form below;

No problem, I am glad to help where I can.

Good luck.


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I agree with this person - requiring a crayon impression of a credit card is unacceptable.

What we are saying is this: “Please trust us with your credit card, even though we have no means to validate its authenticity we have the ability to keep it safely stored so it is not mis-used.” Sure, I believe you.

I was hoping to evaluate DreamHost as a hosting provider for 15 accounts of mine that are hosted at an ISP that is having significant up-time problems. Unfortunately telling these accounts that the “perfect technology provider” for their web services can’t manage their own e-commerce fraud exposure is a little backwards. “Certainly, we can host your e-commerce solutions but we can’t securely manage one for ourselves!”

And to boot, even though I thought I would give it a chance - the fax number they gave me was out of order!!

Let’s see, I’ve given these folks my credit card number over the web, have NO WAY to talk to anyone on the phone, AND don’t get a reply to an email I’ve sent on their contact page… This sounds more like a phishing site than a secure hosting provider.

No biggie. I heard the guy who made the boarding pass script also has a credit card fax page:

Christopher Soghoian’s credit card fax page

Just enter the card number, etc., and fax number to send to. :slight_smile:


about the fax : a picture of your CC, even taken by your cellphone, should be enouth i think.

Send it by mail (or host it somewhere and put a link) and simply explain that you don’t have a fax.

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Unbelievable, they took that one down already too.

Does this is for the “Crazy Domain Insane!” plan???
I’m from Argentina, and it’s difficult for me too to send a fax…

The fax is not required for all applications, but the exact criteria that DreamHost use to decide which applications require the fax is unknown.

I would imagine applications from countries that have had a high level of fraud in the past (Nigeria?) would be more likely to require the fax.


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Yesterday I’ve signed up too (using a coupon) and I had this request AFTER having paid with my debit card.

Apart from the fact that I live in Europe and the fax is going to cost me a lot to the USA… (and I don’t even have a fax in my home).

My debit card is a “cheap” type, the number engravings are so low and thin it’s impossible to get an imprint out of it.I repeat;impossible.And there’s not the cardholder name printed or engraved on the surface.

I’ve emailed dreamhost billing asking if a photocopy is enough in this case, I really can’t do more.

And if it’s not enough, I asked for a refund and I’ll host elsewhere.

However my humble opinion is that dreamhost should inform the users about the necessity of the imprint and fax BEFORE! paying, so that people who can’t do it host elsewhere or pay by bank wire.


Sorry for bumping this post, just to update you on the situation.

I asked five days ago for a refund, still waiting.

I advise new members not to even try to signup IF they don’t have a credit/debit card suitable for “imprinting” and the ability to send a fax, dreamhost won’t make exceptions and you would just loose time waiting for a refund.

Just hope to get the damn refund ASAP, lost a lot of time.


Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope things get worked out to your satisfaction soon.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have decided to host your project(s) at Dreamhost, and invested time and effort toward that end, only to be unable to “seal the deal” at the end of the day. I think your experience is very unfortunate, and I’m sorry to hear things could not be worked out.

That said, I also find it a bit silly that you should have to wait for a “refund” at all. It seems to me that if they needed the “imprint” to “charge your account”, having not received the imprint they should not have initiated any charge at all until they had received it.

For Dreamhost to maintain that an “imprint is needed to process your account” and “since you can’t send the imprint, we can’t service you”, but then have to refund money for which they already processed a charge seems to me to be a needlessly convoluted way of doing things.

Maybe they never actually processed the charge on the account, waiting for the imprint, in which case you would still have your money in the account and no refund would be needed (or would that be too simple a way for the situation to be handled?).


Gee, I am really sorry to hear things didn’t work out for you. I imagine it has been a frustrating experience.

I really think the ‘brains trust’ at DreamHost needs to sit down and come up with a better scheme to prevent CC fraud. I have no idea what that might be, but it is obvious that the current scheme is making things difficult for a lot of potential customers.


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I think part of the reason faxing is a good deterrent is because of the time it takes to do it. It’s easier for a spammer & his stolen credit card to just move onto the next host that isn’t as thorough, and will give him an instant activation without verification.

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oh man, I just went through this today. I had no idea about the faxing thing, some notice might have nice or I might have waited until next week to sign up instead of at 2.30pm this afternoon leaving me with 90mins to get to the post office to send a fax. (its friday, would have had to wait until monday otherwise). frown

I used a CC and a promo code and got the “fax us” email. I dont have a fax. I would think most regular folk wouldnt. I ended up going up to the post office and it cost me about $10 to fax the form. And that was after we got a “this number does not work” message, and tried again using the alternate country code for the US. (0011 instead of 0015 I think it was). Thank heavens for friendly post office staff. It eventually went through. Or I am assuming it did, as I got a “transmission ok” print out from them.

Quite annoying though to have to do that after going to all the trouble of deciding to sign up, finding out I cant use paypal (because of the promo code) going through the process of withdrawing the money I would have used from paypal to my bank account (not dreamhost’s problem I know, but still…) and then several days later paying by CC only to find I have to fax as well! crikies! Next thing you know they will want a DNA sample. ;p

I hope the service lives up to its rep after all this hassle.

That’s how I felt… until about the 4th time I had to go somewhere to fax something, so I broke down and bought one.

I still rarely fax anything, but the convenience is worth it–especially considering that you can get them pretty cheap on sale.

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Another option would be to use an old Fax/Modem if you still have one lying around. I seem to have accumulated a cupboard full of them over the years. :slight_smile:


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You know, most laptops have one of those “phone thingies” that you can use to “fax”.

(I’m playing stupid here) But almost every laptop will have a fax capable modem.

So, scan your document (a scanner’s a whole 'nother problem) and put it on your usb memory stick and find anyone’s laptop. Just don’t try it through Vonage/VOIP without a lot of configuration.