Questions about responce from support etc


Why is it that before i signed up all my emails were answerd
in a fairly fast manner every time, but now that i’m signed
up, i have to wait over 12 hours for a reply, to most emails?
I’m starting to worrie that i made the wrong choise sorry
Anybody else have the same trouble?
I just want to get down to business
The site and forums etc are looking very professional
But the support is starting to worrie me, i haven’t even got to
use my account yet.

Hope things pick up, this is a great site

If I think it can it probably has been

Support usually answers tickets within 24 hours, depending on the ticket load and question difficulty. Is there something that one of us here can help you with?

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Maybe because your requests are more complex ?

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24 houras is a long time man,
Well i’ll try excplain…
I signed up and transfered a domain from godaddy
My account has been accivated but i got another email
saying that the domain transfer has been rejected because
of the auth code (which i didn’t enter on signup)
But i got that auth code from godaddy and tred entering
it in the ademin panel where it should be entered…
but after clicking continue i was brought back to the same
page with the error: cannot connect to tld registery

Nothing else i can do as im not a technician
Yea i emailed support over 12 hours ago and the reply i got
was to go back to the admin panel and click domains/reg.
transfer… but that gave an error… u can find my other post
about that under the trouble shooting section…

If I think it can it probably has been

#1632682 stat resources 2 days 3 hours Remove

24 hours? I’d be happy with 24 hours. This is over 51 hours. I’d like to know if I go over cpu resources, but I can’t do that.

Sorry punk… what are you on about? lol

If I think it can it probably has been

don’t expect too much that they will reply you in 24 hours. sometimes it can take 48 hours. if you have something really urgent, mark your email as URGENT. they’ll usually reply you faster

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It’s urgent that i get the hosting i paid for working
As of yet i’m still not hosted properly.
I wasn’t in a hurry to get signed up, but seriously…

As far as yesterday’s email stated my transfer for the main
domain i used to set up my account with was rejected

on the Registration Transfers page
I’m required to enter my domain’s auth code right?
So i select the second option "or use your own contact info"
Put my auth code in, clicked continue and error…

Nameserver 1:
Error: Unable to connect to the .$tld registry…
Nameserver 2:
Nameserver 3: (optional)
Nameserver 4: (optional)

That’s where i’m at.

Then i got another email requesting me to goto reg. transfer
And request a transfer right? I enter my same
When i click “request transfer” that page gave another error:

Internal Error: Unable to check domain availability at this time. Please try again later!

I might know where i’m at but don’t know how get out of it.
What should i do this time lol

Just to add to this, for personal reference,
The WebFTP is same as www directory?

I’m on the manage domains page and i click webftp
Create an index.html and visit my domain, The url works fine
But the Registration is marked unknown… i dont understand this.

[quote]It’s urgent that i get the hosting i paid for working
As of yet i’m still not hosted properly.[/quote]
I’d say your hosting is working just fine, it is your domain transfer that you are having trouble with.

Did the email state a reason for the transfer being rejected? Is the domain locked? Has the domain only recently been registered?

I am not sure exactly what you mean by this. The web accessible directory for your domain will by default be named the same as your domain. For example; If you have the domain ‘’, there will be a sub-directory in your home directory also called ‘’, this is where you place your sites files.

The ‘Registration’ field on the Manage Domains page will show ‘unknown’ for any domains not registered at DreamHost.


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I managed to get the reg. transfer working so i submitted
the same domain again as requested, then contacted
godaddy and their reply was they have to wait for DH
to contact them then i’ll get an email from godaddy to verify.

And the problem was the auth code as i said eariler
I didn’t enter that on signup by mistake.

Yea that is exactly what i meant about the www directory
www/public_html <- same place
I use cpanel also for other hosting project stuff, different layout is all.

Hosting seems to be working fine and the domain also
Shur why wouldn’t it, it’s dns is set on godaddy (for now)

It “sounds” to me as though you have the hosting you paid for, and that your problem has to do with the transfer of a registration…

Hosting and registration are two different things. Just work through your egistrar, auth code, etc, issues with a little patience and grace, and you should be fine.

If you want to get “live” with your domain of choice but are having trouble with a domain transfer, just point your DNS at your existing registrar to yourDreamhost’s nameservers.


I pointed my dns from godaddy day one
The domain and hosting are working right now
I guess there might be a short down-time when the domain
transfers over to dreamhost, dunno just guessing.

If you left you site also on your GoDaddy hosting, one or the other of the sites will always show to a visitor while DNS is updated across the internet.

Computers accessing the domain via the “new”, or “updated”, DNS will see the DH hosted site, while computers accessing via the “unchanged” DNS will see the “old” site - end result being no “down time”.