Questions about Dreamhost

Hi i have a few small questions about dreamhost these are big issues for me on picking my host due to the way my codes run (well more what my codes run on)

  1. can you set up django Python image libary and PyCrypto?
    2.can you place stuff outside of the http dirs and is ssh in a walled garden (basicly can i only see my stuff and can outher peopole only see theris)
  2. if i get a PS will that let me run whatever softwares i need to?

First, this is a customer-to-customer forum. Feel free to contact DH support via Contact Forum.

Hope this article will give you some thoughts. url][/url]

Yes. You can enable web security in DH panel. If it is enabled, only you can see your directories thought you are on a shared server.

Probably not, you are still a limited user on PS. If the installation requires root priviledge, then it is not possible. However, you can install your own version of PHP, Python, etc.

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[quote]3. if i get a PS will that let me run whatever softwares i need to?


No, you can’t. Like he said, if anything needs root access you are out of luck. I attempted to install a custom ftp server, but it would not launch. If any of your services run on < port 1024, they’ll require root access to start. However, you can use DH’s proxy service to get some things to work.

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I forgot to mention… yes, I have Django setup on my server, and it has worked flawlessly! I’m not using a VPS for the Django installation… there has been no need.

I have a VPS which I use for serving static files with lighttpd, and I haven’t had any problems with that either.

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You might have some problems with Django here, I don’t use it myself, but take a look here. Python itself works.


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I haven’t seen any issues with Django in the normal environment. Seems to work just fine.

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To get any half-decent Python web framework running on Dreamhost, there are a few housekeeping chores you need to do. Of note, I needed to originally do these changes months ago. Dreamhost is constantly updating, making some of my changes unnecessary, or making this route the less efficient way to do them.

Before I get to any of that, though, I should mention that the first thing to do is to enable Passenger from your Dreamhost CPanel. Without that, the method I’ve suggested below won’t work at all!

To do this, just go to your domain’s CPanel option and enable Passenger and Save.

The most important part about getting Flask setup on Dreamhost is the file. It’s a really small file that tells Passenger where to look for your Flask app and what to do with it. The [DH_WORKING_DIR] needs to be modified in your specific situation. There are some ways to make the file a bit more generic, and use environment variables a bit more wisely to figure some of these things out itself, but I thought it would be nice to be verbose in this file – so everyone can see exactly what I’m doing.

This is largely the same file for Django as well, except there are 2-3 more lines of Django-specific code that need to be written. For more detailed post, visit this link: