Questions about Domains and the restore button

my site was defaced, and i need to restore the site to a earlier state.

dreamhost support suggested

log into the DreamHost control panel and go to “Domains” -> "Manage

Domains" and click the “Restore” button to the far right of the domain in

my question is this does this work on a large site with say 9Gb of files?

i do recall using some backup in the control panel once or twice but then receiving a message that said directories over some many GB would not be backed up, so i pretty much never used that again cause it was well useless.

also does this just restore the files or does it restore database as well?

Domain Restore should work for large sites, although it may take a while. The 4GB limit is just for the Account Backup feature; we still back up larger users internally, we just won’t generate a downloadable backup of larger ones.

Databases are not restored by Domain Restore, as we don’t necessarily know which databases belong to which web sites, and they’re backed up separately. You’ll need to trigger a database restore separately if you need one.