How is it I can delete a directory and come back a hour later and still see it? I deleted it with WS_FTP Pro and it’s still there! I then checked with the Net2 ftp and it shows up I go to upload the same folder or directory and WS_FTP Pro says it’s there so I go and check with Net2 Ftp and try to upload and it says it’s there I am confused…

First thing to check is the file permission.

Secondly try to delete the directory via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP

thanks for the reply
Ok I see the directory there I tried to delete it and I got this : o could not be selected, so this directory will be skipped

All the selected directories and files have been processed.

I tried to open it and got this :does not exist or could not be selected, so the directory / is shown instead.

I changed permissions on it to :000 so I don’t know whats happened?

try to change the permission to 755 and delete the directory again

Thanks for your help it is gone…