I need to populate email addresses in the following script: address)

What do I need to add to my form(?) to have this information automatically populate?

Does this information go into a database? I really need some help with this…and information would be appreciated!

I saw your question in the beginning forum early. Nobody replied cause I don’t think anybody has any clue what you’re asking.

  1. what script? 2) that looks more like a spam link. 3) doesn’t exist. 4) what form?

You really don’t give any information as to what you need done. I’m at a loss as to what you need.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

Its not a spam link…I am creating an affiliate marketing website and I need to be able to track what offers a person signs up for by their email address. Each sign up will use a individual username and password to access the site…I just need to know how to automate the capturing of the email address and offer completed. I was told I had to have a script that would capture this information so I am looking for advice on how to capture this information and how to keep track of it.

The link I posted is just an example that I was given to show where the s1 and s2 variables would go…and is in no way spam


Whoa there… You’re getting in over your head then if that’s the case. You’re not looking for any simple script that somebody can just type up. You’re looking for a whole tracking system.

One; you have to track incoming users. You have to tag them based on the referal email. Then you have to track what they are buying. Then you have to track their purchase to insure the right referal is credited. Oh and you have to provide an interface for the affiliates to view their referals.

You’re no where near looking for a simple script, you’re looking for a full site application.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any apps off hand that will do this. I’d suggest checking out shopping carts or checking out script archive sites like Or higher a programmer. Nobody’s gonna do this for free, I’m afraid.

Do you even have a system in place now to do most of the work? Tracking a user is as simple as setting a cookie. But that cookie DOES need to be read through-out the site. Not to mention within the checkout process. This isn’t any simple piece of work.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

Ok…I didnt think this was going to be simple…I just need to find out more what the process is.

I will not need to track affiliates, just my personal users. All my users are going to do is click on a link to the affiliates site register via the link and thats it. I just need to know who is registering for what.

Is there a program that has this capability? You mentioned a shopping cart…would that work?

No, I dont currently have a process in place…this is a new venture for me…and I’m trying to see if it would be a profitable venture before I invest tons of money.

I think you really need to sit down with a programmer to hash out a battle plan so you can more understand the full process.

So, a person user comes to your site. They log in and gets an affiliate link that points to your site, right? How will YOU know they came from that affiliate? HTTP is sessionless. A user from your affilite clicks the link and goes to your site. How do YOU know they came from X affilite as their user navigates your site.

Shopping cart won’t work since you’re not selling anything. You really do need to site down and hash it out with a programmer the process you want to take.

You sound like a business person that knows what they want but doesn’t have a faintest the programming and methods that will be required to do it. HTTP (websites) have session limitations which must be overcome.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

Ok…maybe I shouldnt be using the term “affilate” but I dont know of another term. My site consists of various “affiliate links” so I want to track who signs up for what “affiliate link” on my site. No one will be promoting my site but me.

Yes, I am a business person…and its my nature to investigate and get what options there are.

All input is greatly appreciated.

I have to ask, what’s the use of the affiliate link then? What’s the reasons for giving everybody a unique link? What site does it point to? etc…

When I think affiliate, I think’s affiliate program. You log into Amazon’s site, get your affiliate link and put it onto your site. Then a user to your site clicks that link and Amazon tracks any made by them purchases on their’s site.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

[quote]have to ask, what’s the use of the affiliate link then? What’s the
reasons for giving everybody a unique link? What site does it point
to? etc…


A common use for such a system is to independently track click-throughs from one’s own advertising (banner ads, Google Adwords, etc), and to correlate those to some end goal - ie. X% of click-throughs eventually resulted in a product being purchased. A lot of companies do that sort of thing even if they aren’t running what would be regarded as an affiliate program.

Maybe he’s trying to track his advertising ROI?

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And that’s what I’m trying to get out of lakerlady. I won’t be able to help with much of anything, but more information is required from her in order to figure out exactly what needs to be done.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

[quote]And that’s what I’m trying to get out of lakerlady. I won’t be able
to help with much of anything, but more information is required
from her in order to figure out exactly what needs to be done.


If it is, the basic idea is to have a script that accepts input like this

…or something.

Have a database table that contains a description of what google0001, ad0001, etc. actually are. Every time that URL is hit, insert a row into another table with the date/time of the hit and any other useful information. Then, redirect the user to the proper page on your site and set a ‘referred by’ cookie which is then passed along to your purchasing script so that you can track how many purchases (or whatever) are associated with each ad.

With some basic math you can determine that X% of the people who clicked through using the ad made a purchase. Apply even more math using your sales records and ad budget and you can extrapolate from that how much money you make per ad.

I personally would set the link up this way:

…that way, you can track ‘classes’ of ads and identify the best and worst performers.

I’m sure there are some pre-written scripts that do this sort of thing, though I’ve never used them. The script itself would be pretty simple - The real trick is integrating it into whatever shopping cart or purchasing tool you are using. That’s where the help of a good web developer can be invaluable.

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Thanks again for all the response! I feel like I’m now being able to understand what needs to be done.

If someone can take the time and visit this site, I want to create a site like this one. The affiliate links on my site will be from various companies with my “code” in them. As people visit my site they will have access to links at which time they will be able to sign up for various items at their leisure.

I just need to know what is the easiest way to track who has signed up for what.