I found that one of the users of Dreamhost, or rather, their site- has a bunch of graphics, made by me on their website without permission, and they’ve said that they have created them. I just recently discovered this, so if someone could provide any help in getting the graphics off, I would apperciate it. And yes, I have contacted the owner of the site, but was ignored.

Apologies if this is in the wrong board.


If you are talking about a copyright infringement issue, your best bet is a lawyer. Do you have URLs for us to look at and compare?

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yeah i would also try to contact dreamhost and see what they tell you. they might give u directions on what u need to do.

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If you just asked the site owner and they ignored you then make a threat and cc: your lawyer. That might be a cheaper solution worth trying first, than actually going through the next steps of the process.

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How did you contact the site owner? If you used email, try obtaining a phone number (perhaps by doing a whois on the domain) and contacting them that way. Many times a phone call can achieve what an email fails to do.

If a phone call is not possible, then as ardco says, an official DMCA notice is probably your best course of action.

Unfortunately, content theft seems to be very common on the Internet these days. :frowning:

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