Question with having a domain and registering

Okay I’m using the crazy domain insane plan, it offers 3 fully hosted domains. So I’ve got the one hosted domain and registered already, so I wanted to set up another fully hosted domain, now does that mean I can use and it still work? This is confusing me because you can only have 1 registered domain, but 3 fully hosted ones?
So does that mean I can use that domain but if someone else wants to register it they can take it from me?

No, you really have three full domains that you can host, but only get one FREE name registered. So if you want another name, you need to register it (it’s not free.)

You can register at dreamhost, or godaddy, or dotster, etc. It’s easier if you do it here, then you don’t need to worry about making sure the nameservers are correct.


Once a domain name is registered, it’s registered.

The only way to lose it is to let it expire and for someone else to buy it. (Yes, there are other ways, but they are beyond the scope of this discussion).

When you register your included free domain through Dreamhost, it’s registered in your name… it’s yours. If you quit using DH, you’ll either want to transfer it to where you go or keep using DH as your registrar.

So in order to use the other 2 domains I have to register them?

Yes, you have to register the names. You can do it through your webpanel at DH or you can use another registrar (you just have to make sure that the name is pointed to DH’s name servers).

You should explore the kbase area on domain names for more information on this topic.