[Question]subdomain remap or redirect

I have created a subdomain (example):

and I would like it to launch a certain directory (example):

I have tried using the WCP, but I’m lost. Whatever I try it always opens the root directory. Can anyone help?

I’ve have tried remapping & also redirecting but get errors:
http://www.subdomain.mydomain.com/tikipro/” is not a valid redirection URL: You can’t redirect a domain to itself!


  1. Upload the following in a text file named .htaccess to your document root (Web Directory):

RedirectMatch ^/$ http://domain/path/This is how it works.
Visitor types in 'http://example.com/'
The browser connects to example.com:80 and asks for the url-path '/'
The web server sees the RedirectMatch directive:
The ^ means to starting match at the beginning
The $ means to end matching at the end
/ is the characters to match
Thus since the browser asked for ‘/’, and there is nothing before the / and nothing after it, there will be a match.
If there is a match, Apache sees the second parameter, and that it begins with a scheme and hostname, and issues a redirect using status code 302 (vs 301 for permament redirects.)

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Hello Atropos7,
Your advice works perfectly

Thankyou for your help,