Question Setting FTP

Hello every one. Im new on this forum. Being with DH for over a year. being good so far. Now i have some question regarding setting up my ftp. Here its my situation. i have two site hosted on on domain. so basically when i login on Filezilla i get to the root Directory where I see, logs, maildir and Directories. Now what i want to do is set up my ftp for eatch site individualy. I’m going to have people helping me on site2 so i want to give them access to ftp for and i don’t want then to see my other directories on the root. How can i do this?

I tried to follow this instruction

But setting filezilla to use SFTP protocol its no working. i can not connect to my server using the SFTP setting. Can somebody help me setting this up?

Sharing directories in a user’s home directory is a real hassle. Your best bet is to create a new FTP user and then change ownership of site2. This is why I create a new user for each domain I manage. Now you just need two FTP profiles depending on which site you want to FTP to.

Go to the Panel for Users -> Manage Users and Add a New User.
Once that’s done, go to the Panel for Domains -> Manage Domain and click Edit for site2. In the Fully Hosted section up top, use the dropdown menu for Users/Files/Paths and select your new user. A checkbox will appear asking if you want to move all files.


Thank you. One more question what is better when creating the setting FTP or SFTP ? i noted the sftp you can see more files that appear to be hidden when using ftp?

SFTP is by far the better choice. It is more secure.

–DreamHost Tech Support

thank you rlparker