Question regarding old account

I have made a previous account here in December last year. At that time I could not pay because that required me faxing stuff, so i asked for my account to be closed, and removed, and any credit card info deleted… well… it was apparently closed, from what I can read from the Control Panel.

However. I also see that I have a fully paid(!) L1 hosting plan strating from that date, my credit card info hasn’t gone anywhere, and the free domain I attempted to register when I first created the account is not registered, however, it’s resent in the DH database and I can’t “use” it again.

I would like to clarify this “Hey, you hosting plan is payed for!” and the “How do I wrest my domain from the clutches of the DH database?”

Do I need to poke support right away?

You can delete your credit card info via DH panel --> Billing --> Manage Accounts --> Delete Credit Card

The domain name that you registered before will be recorded in DB system. I had the same problem before. What I did is to register a free DH subdomain when I sign up account. Once the account is approved, send a ticket to DH and ask them to move the domain to my account. I’ll suggest you to contact support before you do this. I think this solution is offerred case by case.

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