Question regarding bandwidth Resitricton


i’ve just registered an account and domain (waiting for it all to approve and go through) but i was wondering…

My plans for my website include a hefty amount of bandwidth use, however i do not want to go over the allocated monthly amount and end up with an insane bill.
Is their any way i can “stop” or “restrict” the bandwidth once it reaches a certain point?



You can use bandwidth throttling.

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You have the option to turn off your site automatically if you go over the bandwidth allotment - for more details, please refer to this DH Knowledge Base article:
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In the control panel, look for status, then bandwidth. Here you can enable bandwidth throttling. From what I understand is once you hit that amount, your website is disabled until the next month.


ah thankyou!

the help was mightily appreciated!


The site is not totally disabled. Instead, files are retrieved from a special ‘throttled’ directory for that domain, where you can setup a low bandwidth page that explains the situation to your users.


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