Question re: Webalizer

I’m a little frustrated with Analog for Web Stats, and I’d like to try installing Webalizer if at all possible. I looked at the Webalizer download page, and I’m not sure which version would be best. They have a variety of versions, including these three:

Linux ELF - Intel x86

Linux ELF - PowerPC

Linux ELF - Sparc

I’m assuming that it would be the ‘Linux’ version as opposed to Irix, BSD, BeOS, et al. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

I searched the forums to see if anyone else had managed to get Webalizer working, and I only saw one other post mentioning it.

Dreamhost crew- is there any reason that I shouldn’t attempt to install Webalizer on my account?

Linux x86

I’m not aware of any specific reasons not to run it provided it doesn’t take up too many resources.