Question re/ admin logon

I have 2 other recent post here explaining the problems i encounter when tryimg to access a website and make what I thought would be minor changes.

After much wasted time and frustration I’ve installed Drupal7 and Wampserver on my local pc to noodle and learn.

I “think” my problem with the live website is i’m not logging on as administrator and therefore the dashboard etc. is unavailable to me. This is a gues as I don’t know if you can set Drupal up to do this but it makes sense to have different appearences for different users esp user1. ?Can Drupal be set up to hide/display controls depending upon ser?

If this is the case i need to reset the admin password, maybe user name. The original developer walked out leaving no documentation so I’m in the dark. Tracked down a snippet of SQL to change admin password,, but can I confirm the username first?

I’m hitting the wall here b/c if I can’t access the admin acc & use the dashboard I can’t make any updates,

Could someone confirm/deny my belief re/ displaying the dashbaord only to someone logging in as admin and hidden to all others?

Can I losate the pswd via other means (the retreive pswd page doesn’t display) Can I recover if I force a a sql query update on the admin pswd via myphp and it doesn’t work?

Again help is always appreciated

If you log in and you are user1 then you are in the admin group. The first user has access to everything by default. If your user is 2 onwards you may not have the correct permissions set up. You can just edit the mysql database manually, however, and change your user to user 1. You want to go to the drupal_users table and click on browse at the top. You can delete the current user 1 if that’s not you. Then click the edit button (the pencil) beside your user and update the uid to 1 and click go. That should solve any problem you were having with seeing the dashboard and whatnot.

Thank you for our response and additionally for the reply you made the other day. If you’ve read any of my posts I’m not familiar w/ Drupal so I was extremely confused when I first approached this problem as I expected a different interface and was…well …lost.

I managed to watch some tuts and install Drupal as "localhost’ so I’m less of an idiot but not by much.

As stated earlier the person who set up the set left angry and kept the passwords. I need to reset them.

You stated: “You want to go to the drupal_users table and click on browse at the top”

When logged onto the website or I don’t find the drupal_users table. I’m not sure why but I suspect it has something to do w/ a simple install which this site is rather than a manual install. If you know this to be T/F pls let me know.

Otherwise perhaps I’m just being blind/stupid but I can’t find the table you refer to so I can’t change User1. Could you be more explicit as to it location?

If I can’t access drupal_users can I do this as a different approach to a solution…
can I manually install drupal to a subdomain and COPY/FTP the database and files to that subdomain? If Y could I then use Drupal, as installed, to make changes then swap (or redirest) the edited sites.

If yes could you point me to a post/explanation?

Thank you again for taking your time to assist me.


You have to go to your DH control panel and go to the mysql databases section click on phpmyadmin by whatever hostmask you have and login with the username and password that was created for whatever database your drupal install is using. If you do not know what database and user etc you will need to ftp into your account go into the sites/default folder and download the settings.php file and open it with a text editor. It should list the proper information to log in with. You also have the option of just creating another mysql user and assigning it to the same database and logging in with that. Anyway once you have successfully logged into phpmyadmin that is where you will see the drupal_users table and follow the instructions I made in my previous post.