Question please help

hi there i just set up my ws_ftp program and sent a couple file to my server address i uploaded a pic and a video. now my question is how do i find the actually address of those file i upload? for me to enter it in the html code? all i could find is Trang, Vietnam.jpg but i enter that into the html code and no pic show up. so where is the actually address? thanks

If you put it in the domain directory when you uploaded your image and movie the address should be something like this (for the image): (notice I changed the name of your image to remove the comma and close the spaces, this url will not find your image because of this change, but this is how an image should be titled for the web)

Generally, most people create HTML pages to hold their images and movies and then upload the HTML and images (sounds, movies, etc) to their web readable directory. Most websites begin with an index.html page.

There are lots of great tutorials to learn HTML. Just try googling “HTML web design”