Question on Sub-Domains

I’m looking into DreamHost and I have a question on Subdomains. If I host, and have another registered domain that I have as a subdomain, will an entry of or will the user have to type

On some of the plans you can host more than one domain. As far as subdomains, I’ve got one set up on DH- the url is like


I think it just depends on how you set things up: I believe you can either direct the second domain to a subdomain of your first domain (e.g. redirected to*, or direct the second domain to a subdirectory of your first domain (e.g. redirected to

*A subdomain will not work with the www prefix.

You could set up a subdomain at domain1 and set your other domain to cloak so that it looks like the domain2 is fully hosted…

That’s what I’m doing now, except my ISP has done all the set-up, so I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “cloak”. Is that the same as pointing? I tired looking under the web panel help, but didn’t see anything pertaining to it. Thanks.

Cloaking is like making one domain look like another…

Say you had:- set up
and you wanted to host at the site but you can only host one full domain.
So you setup:-

and set to ‘cloak’

Now if you type in
it would be the same as:-

So basically you’re hosting 2 full domains at the expense of a subdomain…

I don’t know if that’s what you meant by your initial question…

Thanks for bearing with me on this. I really don’t know what I’m doing…

I think I understand the concept. It’s the terminology and the application that’s not getting through this thick Norsk skull. I’m not subscribed to dreamhost yet, so the web control panel demo does not show me everything. Is this cloaking a feature of the panel?

And does the user simply type in to get to the cloaked site?

The cloaking is the feature of the webpanel…

to view a subdomain (say you called the subdomain foo) you’d type:-

It’s a sub part of yourdomain, not a seperate domain…

Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

For anybody unclear on the concept of what a subdomain is, I suggest reading this page in my site:

– Dan