Question on free themes

Just installed WP using the 1-click installer. I thought I read that 50 free themes are available to DreamHost customers. In the Dashboard I see 16 themes in addition to the default Twenty Eleven, and checking the wp-content\themes directory I see 17, which is consistent (16 plus the default). My question is are there additional free themes available from Dreamhost or am I mistaken in what I thought I read?

There’s an option I think you need to check before you run the install - that may add the themes when it gets installed.
If not, there are plenty of free themes available just searching using your Admin panel within Wordpress…

We’re changing it around a little, and not pre-installing the 50 themes for everyone. IMO it was a little overkill, and made more work for you guys to keep upgrading themes all the time.

All the themes at are, as Saldash said, a search away from your admin panel in WP :slight_smile: All of those themes are carefully reviewed and tested by a team of volunteers before they’re listed, and are as secure as folks can be.

If you did see something telling you about us installing “50 themes” (or whatever), can you let us know where it is so we can fix it?