Question: how to backup IMAP accounts locally?

with the current reliability of DH’s email service (which is the only thing i usually use on DH) getting to be questionable, i would like to know of any procedure on how to back-up my IMAP accounts to my local system (basically, desktop PC). any suggestions?

thanks in advanced…!!!

Which mail client do you use?

If it’s IMAP, then you should already have your mail “backed up” on your computer. Just make sure you back up your home computer as well.

I use Apple’s and all of my messages are stored as files. If I were to change servers, I’d set up a new IMAP account, then sync my current mailboxes to the new account and then all my mail would be in my new account on the server.


In addition to what Scott said, Google has lot’s of help on various approaches to backing up IMAP mail. :wink:


by default Thunderbird doesn’t back up the IMAP, but you can switch that on for any folders you want. Just make sure that you tell Thunderbird to go back and download all your messages. Then you can double check by launching in off-line mode and see if your messages load.

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