Question: Google v. DreamHouse

Do I need to register a Google blog at DreamHouse or can I do that at Blogger? I assume I do because there was a whole section on google hosting. but wouldn’t my domain be different? as google has .blogspot in the domain name. IOW, can you have the same name on two different blogs? For ex. &

The whole Google hosting thing basically turns your url into something like, so everything is handled over at Google, with the exception of the DNS updates which happen when you tell the DreamHost panel you’ll be hosting over at Google.

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What does DNS stand for?

And so just to be clear: I don’t have to host at Dreamhouse (or anywhere else) in order to host at Google?

And I can have the same name in my url, IOW I can have a Google-hosted blog and a Dreamhouse hosted blog with the same name because google has blogspot in it?

DNS stands for Domain Name Server.