Question: FXP


Does dreamhost support FXP?

[quote]What Is FXP?
FXP stands for File eXchange Protocol and it let’s you copy files from one FTP-server to another using a FXP-client. Normally you transfer files using the FTP protocol between your machine and a FTP-server, and the maximum transfer speed depends on the speed of your Internet connection (e.g. 56k, cable or T1). When transferring files between two remote hosts using a FXP client, the maximum transfer speed does not depend on your connection but only on the connection between the two host, which is usually much faster than your own connection. Because it is a direct connection you will not be able to see the progress or the transfer speed of the files.

Although FXPing is very easy, there are a few restrictions to transferring the files. Both hosts have to support PASV mode and must allow PORT commands to foreign hosts. The FXP client tells the destination FTP to listen for a connection by sending a “PASV” command. The source FTP then connects to the data port reported by the destination server (after a successful PASV command). Thus all the data goes directly from the source to the destination FTP and both servers only report status messages on fail/success to the FTP client.


i think all linux based hosts support FXP. I used to use it a lot when i was still using but now I can’t find a decent FXP client on my Mac.

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Dreamhost supports fxp, but you could also just login with ssh and ftp from console.

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I use Flash-FXP and it works fine.

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Another vote for FlashFXP. :slight_smile:

I use it quite a bit to transfer things from one host to another and it works well with DreamHost servers.

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