Question: Form Script for Multiple Recipients

My current/old forms are sectioned into different pages so that each form can be distributed to the corresponding email recipient. I’m currently using FormMail. As I’m creating my updated version of the site, I’ve come across how to implement a selection menu in GoLive CS2. They DO NOT tell you how to set-up the scripts since that is the job of “a professional”, only shows you how to create the design of the form itself.

So, as I had mentioned, each form currently is by itself, each being sent to different addresses. With this updated version, I have the following selections for the submitter to choose from:

Website/Technical Issues (name=tech)
Purchase Inquiries (=purchase)
Report a Ripper/Fraud (=ripper)
General/Other (=other)

Now, when someone fills out the form completely (name, addy, selection, comment), I want the SELECTION of the individual line item to correspond to a different addy (recipient). Example, referring to above mentioned list:

Now, I know how to set-up a one addy script with subject line filled and redirect page after submittal, but how do I set this all up if I want EACH LINE that may be selected to work? I tried to place the recipients after each line selection and and the current redirect page all by itself (like before), but it only redirected me to a blank page and submitted nothing to the selected recipient (or any other).

I would hate to continue to use multiple pages for this. Kill two birds with one stone, you know?

Remember, this is using FormMail. So, no PHP or such. Still can’t understand that stuff.

I’m not real familiar with this stuff any more - but I’m thinking that you have two possibilties.
The first being use some java script as sigguested in this forum from a search on google. This is probably the best option.

The other thing you can look into is an different form mail script. A previous host I was with solved the problem of spam going through formmail by simply removing it from the server, so I had to install my own. It’s just a simple cgi script in most cases, so nothing difficul to “install”. Anyways, people have written form mail scripts that have more abilties than the standard Matt Wright’s copies - and you might be able to find one that would help accomplish your task.

I suspect it would work somthing to the effect of having the user select Boss1 from a drop down menu which submits a field to the CGO script informing it where to send the E-mail too.

You might seach for such a script. But I suspect that in the logn run it will be easier and take less time to get a javascript solutin working.