Question for those more experienced in programming

I have a directed study this fall and after learning php/mySQL this summer, I hope to complete a project (described below). Since most of you have more programming experience than me, I’m looking for some advice.

I want to create a database of lesson plans that basically function as a wiki in that I can “edit” them, add to them, add new ones, and others can as well. I also want to be able to let’s say, type in nouns in the search area and pull up all lessons in the database on nouns.
Most importantly, I want to be able to click on checkboxes on pages (for example, check a checkbox on a “nouns” lesson, “book1” lesson, and maybe “art” lesson) and all the lessons I checked are copied and pasted into a template lesson plan (that is standard for the database) so that in the end, I have a week’s worth of lesson plans all divided up by objectives, procedures, etc. for all lessons taught.

Make sense so far?

I haven’t finished learning php/mySQL yet, but I wanted to write this in php. It seems silly for me to write a wiki when programs for wikis already exist. Obviously though, I’d need to do some serious moding.

Can I do this in php/mySQL? Is the wiki program something I could mod for this, or would it really be easier to just write what I want from scratch?


No one’s more experienced than me? I seriously doubt that…

Well, it is an ambitious project but I am not a PHP coder nor have I tried to modify or write a wiki from scratch. No doubt there is some simple wiki codebases out there somewhere though, but the last one I checked out was in Perl and used files.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Yeah, the one Dreamhost uses with one click install is in php, so I’m hoping I can work with that…


I’ve used moodle before and it doesn’t do what I need done.
I want to be able to essentially have checked input pasted into a template at the click of a button. Moodle has a discussion list option and places for files, but not what I need.

I didn’t like the interface either. Too many clicks to do simple things. I found phpBB a much nicer BB system.