Question before registering: mysqldb


I am really interested in Dream Host. I got really nice reviews from a friend of mine who is using it, and considering that I am reachings the limit with the host that I am using, this could be my next step.

I am planning to build a service that uses python and mysql. I am not asking for people to help me with python, but to use mysql from python I need to have a library which is called mysqldb, which requires superuser abilities.

Has this library been installed?
If I join DreamHost will I be able to install it myself?
Already two times a similar question has been asked in this forum, and it always got ignored.

Unfortunately, I personally need an answer to this question if I am to take Dream Host as a possible next host.

Can anybody please help me?

Many thanks,


I could help you :

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Thank you very much.
Yes, it seems that it is installed.

As Yoda would say:
“Much happier am I”




Hmm, maybe I should use Django too.
I’ll look into that.