Question before I contact support

Hi all

I am on the dreaded lovejoy server that has been having issues. I see they are moving us to new hardware. I do have a question…all of my sites work, but they all have the ‘index of’ with nothing in the folders. When i do a status check it says ‘Recent DNS changes may not have fully propogated yet.’

Should I hold off on contacting support…or because my sites are up with the index of…should i contact support and tell them everything is missing?


It’s still unresolved, so bugging them isn’t going to tell them something they don’t already know.

What is your site? And how long has it been down?


i have multiple sites on there. down since Sunday late afternoon, early evening.

one site is that’s the client i am most worried about. but i just sent them an email update on the status. they haven’t yelled yet : )_

I’m curious. If you FTP in, is there anything in your domain folder? If you’re lucky, you’ll find that empty folder that’s showing an index and upload something into there while you wait for the transfer.


I guess the true move won’t happen until next friday…but I do have a question, and i’d rather post it in here, rather than the status page.

DH states this: “Also if you have a domain you need up and you have the files locally, you can switch the user for the domain and upload your files to get your domain running.”

Does this mean
• I create a new ftp user
• add that user to the domain

then I can upload my files? my current ftp user doesn’t seem to work, even when i try to change the password.

That’s exactly what it reads to mean… evidently your new user would be created on the new setup.

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okay, i am now trying to move a site between webid’s…but the support person didn’t understand my note…

i tried explaining to support that when you delete a domain from one webid, you can’t just add it to another webid…it needs support to remove it from the system, otherwise it gives the dreaded, ‘error, that domain is already in the system’

hopefully someone from support will wonder in here and perhaps help…i’ve sent in too many emails to support and am not getting the help i need

from support
To move the domain to the otherwebid FTP account
(happy server) just delete the site-name-to-move-herecom domain from your
webpanel from the #00000 account
(mywebid’s Account ) and add the domain to your #00001 (otherwebid’s
Account) then you will be able to upload the files to the otherwebid FTP
account… deleting the domain from the old account will not remove the
files, only the domain records from our system.

Javier R