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I have been talking with some friends of mine, and we are interested in getting some sort of multi-author blog going, where any of us (there are four of us) can log in, and either create a new entry or respond to an older entry (basically almost like having a discussion online via the blog, or something).

Looking at wordpress, it seems like this would be possible, simply by preventing all users except for the four of us from adding comments. We could each have “author” levels, and start a post, or post a comment/reply to a previous post. Is this accurate? Is there some better way to do it, or other software to use?

Ideally, I would have loved if our posts could appear as a “main” comment (perhaps different font colors for each of us, or something like that) but that other people could post comments. Aside from going in and manually changing font colors (and editing the original posts, not simply adding to it) it doesn’t look like that is possible, or am I missing something?



Christopher John Vitek


I’m not sure this is necessarily the best tool, because it sounds more like you are using it as a forum of sorts?

It is possible to style the author’s comments on his/her own post differently from others’, but I’m not positive about the rest of the question. I would be willing to bet WP has a way of checking the user number of the commentor though, so you could style it based on that. How much PHP do you know?

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.


I did this with my bike club. There were four of us who wrote, and I created categories such as Fitness, President’s Message, Site News, General, etc. They all showed up on the main page, but said which category the post was in. The category name showed up under the post title, like “From the Site News Desk.” This can be tailored in each WordPress theme.

I’m looking through my WordPress installation for more info…
Mine is set up so that only logged in users can leave comments. And it’s also set up so people can’t self-register, so it’s up to the Admin to create user accounts.



Can you send me the link to your blog, I would love to see what it looks like!



Christopher John Vitek


I know next to nothing about PHP.

I suppose it is sort of a forum, except the idea was it would just be the four of us commenting back and forth on topics, which anyone could then look at read. I was sort of thinking something like the Rob ‘n’ Rany page on, but they correspond via email, then post the entire “transcript” on their page.


Christopher John Vitek


We no longer use WordPress for our writing, but here’s what it looked like:




I use Wordpress for my friend and I. Although I set up the site and am officially the “admin” he has complete access to post and whatnot based on the previledges I set him at when we started (it’s all based on level of access).

Frankly, I’ve got several sites set up on Wordpress because I love its set up so much- even the sites that I don’t “blog” on regularly. I know nothing about PHP (except that it gives me a headache to look at), but was able to set everything up and customize my themes without much hassle. The peeps over at the Wordpress forums as well as their Documentation pages are awesome for help.

Good Luck!