Question about whois privacy

I am about to sign up with Dreamhost, and need to register a new domain. I’ll be needing whois privacy.

A quick question. When I sign up, I’m asked for my home address and the name of the domain I want to register. I’ve got no problem with Dreamhost knowing my name and address, but I don’t want these details made public in the whois.

So…At what stage do I get “whois privacy”? Which of the following three possibilities is the correct one?

  1. It’s possible to get whois privacy from the very beginning. I.e. when the domain is registered for the very first time, the proxy name and address can be used at the registry. Dreamhost does not use the sign-up details for purposes of domain registration. Before registering the domain, they offer the whois privacy option.

  2. The domain needs to be registered under my details first, and then I have to click on whois privacy. I.e. for a brief moment of time, there isn’t any privacy.

  3. To get whois privacy from the moment of registration, I need to sign up for webhosting first, and then register the domain name later.

Thanks in advance.


You can choose whois privacy on a domain by domain basis. It’s not something you choose globally for your account.

If you’re registering a new domain in account signup, you’ll eventually get to a screen which will allow you to register the domain with privacy on.

If this makes you uncomfortable, you can always choose to not register a domain at account signup and then register it afterwards. It will still be free.

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When I registered my domain the whois was set to dreamhosts information.

I can’t remember if it was an option I had to choose when registering the domain but I didn’t need to change it later.

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Yeah, the privacy is free and automatically provided. You would have to turn it off after registering a domain name with Dreamhost.