Question about using promo codes

I am running a web design business and I was using Servage for hosting but recently switched over to Dreamhost.
I want to have my newer clients to be hosted by Dreamhost and want to know how the promotion codes work. I usually (but not always) pay for their hosting and handle all the recurring fees for them which means my debit card pays for there hosting. So what I want to know is…

Can I use my promotion code for there accounts even if i am the one using my debit card to pay for it?

I believe if you try to register another account, you’ll get an error message like, “Card already in system,” even without a promo code.

The codes are for new customers only, so that wouldn’t work anyway. Even if they’re paying you, you would still be DH’s customer.

You could resell the space under your account, if you want to be responsible for their content. Another option would just be to send them to sign up on their own with your promo code.

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Promo codes are not available for existing customers. Your clients can open their own accounts using your promo code(s) if they wish, but you will have no control over the process, nor of their accounts. A related paragraph in the terms of the affiliate program states:

“New accounts must use a different credit card number from the referrer to qualify for rewards credit for the referrer. Customers also cannot refer themselves or their spouse/civil union partner. No exceptions will be made.”

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Thanks alot, I figured thats what the answer would be but was not sure.