Question about upgrading to PHP5

I’m not very familiar with PHP at all. I have a blog that I host on Dreamhost, and I downloaded a new WP plugin I wanted to use but it gives me an error saying it only works with PHP5 or higher.

I checked my domain and I’m currently on PHP4. There’s a drop down where I can choose from the following version 5 choices:

  • PHP5 CGI
  • PHP5 FastCGI (recommended)
  1. Which one of the above should I pick? (Should I go with the recommended one?)

  2. If I upgrade my domain from version 4 to version 5, will this at all break my sites or databases or whatever that use this domain? (ie. my Wordpress blog specifically.) Do I need to do something with my Wordpress blog after I upgrade to a new PHP version to guarantee it’ll work?

Thank you,
B. Saunders

Use FastCGI unless something comes up where you NEED to use regular CGI.

Assuming you’re on a recent version of WordPress, upgrading to 5 won’t break anything.

Thanks for the reply~ I upgraded to the fast CGI and everything seems to working fine. :smiley: Thanks!