Question about therms of service

I have a question regarding the following point of therms of use:
“Do not bid or otherwise purchase, either directly or indirectly, the search name “DreamHost” or any misspelling or variant thereof from websites, search engines or other directory referral services.”

I’m creating a website - review of several webhosting. I also wanted to put a review of Dreamhost with referral links. Does this point mean, than I should avoid word DreamHost in the text of the review? Or I should not optimize the site for search engines with word Dreamhost?

Thank you very much in advance.

That text refers to buying paid advertising for our company, such as running Google AdWords advertisements with the keyword “DreamHost”. We already run a number of advertising campaigns for our brand — trying to run your own would end up directly competing with us, which we aren’t okay with.

It’s perfectly fine to use the word “DreamHost” on your own sites to promote us.

No, go for it :slight_smile:

Just don’t go out and buy Google Ads or something using DreamHost as a keyword.