Question about stats/analog

I was just looking over the stats for my site, mainly to go over the Search Query report, and I have this:

14: ann coulter
8: ann coulter sexy
5: jagged pine forest map
5: sexy ann coulter
3: preorder marketing
3: jagged pine map
3: sexy blog
2: ann coulter is sexy
2: leggos
2: jagged pine everquest
2: 10101010101
2: lindh should be executed coulter
2: ann coulter crazy
1: leggos stuck in the toilet bowl
1: is ann coulter sexy
1: illovich
1: dreamy photo
1: lilo and stitch blog
1: ann[coulter
1: ann coulter blog
38: [not listed: 38 search terms]

Actually, I think that’s not current, but no matter. What is bothering me is the “38: [not listed: 38 search terms]” line. The previous lines are so hilarious that I want to know what the “not listed” 38 are, since I can’t be assred that Analog shares my sense of humor.

I’m sort of a newb with all this… is there an easy way to generate a custom Search Query Report & Search Word Report that lists every logged search?


I don’t believe so. For us to store that much info for all our users would require massive amounts of disk and processing resources…we limit the analog data we process so that even if a site is super busy our it won’t be too hard to process.

If you’re really into that stuff you can always download your own logs every day and run analog (or some other log analyzer) at home!