Question about static IP billing and number of files


I was reading before signing up for a trial with a promo code that was supposed to give me a static IP and $67 off. Well it turns out the guy I bought the company from has had the domain hosted here before according to DH records. With that I am not allowed the promo code according to DH policies. Even though I am a new customer, the domain is not. I do need a static IP for the company sites SSL certificate. With that I was wondering if the static IP is billed for a year in advance like the hosting is or if it would be billed a month at a time.

Secondly, in my searching for a host I stumbled upon an interesting limitation on a few “unlimited” hosts. The limitation was in the “number” of files you can have. Some limit soft around 50,000 files and hard limit around 200,000 files. While for a normal site this is not an issue, however between my wifes and my gallery sites (all personal photos) have around 168,000 files together. That is not counting my son’s gallery. They are all legitimate files that are related to the sites and all sites together only take up around 30GB total. Would this kind of limitation apply at dreamhost also? Or is their “unlimited” more unlimited than others?

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.


I have one gallery with 196638 files, one with 59068 files and one with 81051 files. As you can have multiple seperate unix users here the one with the most files I have has 339430 files in the home folder (the one with the first two galleries).

Those are all Gallery2 galleries, the first gallery with 196638 files only has 88191 images, but Gallery2 keeps tons of cache files.

I think that should give you an idea.


Thanks for that. I found it hilarious that this host I found that had that limitation actually had a single click installer for gallery2 which is what I use. It is like they want you to use it but don’t want you to use it.

Anyone have an idea about the static IP billing?


When you go to domains in the panel, manage domains, then click on add IP next to the domain you want static, it gives you an option to pay annually or monthly.

Seems a little cheaper, like maybe 9% off to pay annually.