Question about speed

Generally how fast is the normal speed? Is there any difference between download and upload? Or is there any configurations should be set to make maximum speed? Thanks.

Let me answer your questions in order:

  1. Well my normal speed is about 70 miles per hour in a 55, and higher if I can get away with it. I guess most other people are a little slower.

  2. Download is when you retrieve files from a remote location and store them on your local machine. Upload is when you transfer files to a remote location and store them.

  3. The best configuration for maximum speed is to put your foot firmly on the accelerator. Try to decrease drag and downforce by removing unnecessary spoilers and wings. You can even remove door mirrors and tape-up your radiator intake (watch for overheating) if you are really dedicated.

Does that help any?

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This is a little old, but:

[quote]DreamHost is currently connected to the Internet via 8 redundant Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps) connections to different carriers to ensure continued network connectivity in case any one (or more) carrier(s) goes down. As of April, 2006, we have connections to Level3, Global Crossing, and Internap.

We also keep our bandwidth unsaturated. We have plenty of extra capacity, with the option to quickly add more bandwidth or additional carriers. We use Cisco switches and routers, as well as Extreme switches, and keep spare hardware on hand in the event of hardware failure. [/quote]
Speeds are generally “good” or better; however, if you search this forum, you’ll find some complaints. There are too many things that impact speeds, from user’s ISP connections to server software, including your site, to give simple answers.

I just knew somebody was going to answer those questions! :wink:


Do you think I should’ve mentioned nitrous oxide and over-inflated tires?

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The difference between uploading & downloading will depend a lot on your ISP. Here’s a speed test that will give you an idea of the difference.

I’m not sure if you’re talking about Dreamhost or your internet connection when you talk about configuring for speed.

If you mean your website, then efficient coding is one step. Keep the HTML clean–and it doesn’t hurt if it validates at

If you’re talking about your connection speed, there are sites out there with tweaks you can do on your computer, router, etc… but I’ve never had anything that was far enough off for me to see a difference.

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