Question about site migration

I’ve checked the archives and various discussions here and haven’t found anything that seems to related to my situation, so I’m opening this thread.

I currently have a site that is not hosted on Dreamhost. I plan on moving it soon to DH. I have a domain set up here for it: I have a test site where I’ve used Drupal to create a new version of the site, since the old site was designed by a friend who no longer wishes to maintain it for me. That test site is here (DH) as domain

Now my question, I’d like to migrate the site “” to (the one here on DH). Once that’s done, I’ll redirect the URL for the old site and point it at DH. I want to maintain as a test site to try out new modules, etc. and make updates as necessary and migrate those to

How can I do that? Can I set up as a mirror of Once that’s done, do I repoint the URL to Or do I need to copy the files from to (on DH) and then repoint the URL? If I need to copy my files, etc, how is that done?

I’m sorry if I haven’t made my case clear, please feel free to ask for clarification or point me to the right section in the WIKI to help me.

thanks, Freyr