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Hello, I was thinking of changing hosting companies and have a couple of questions first.

  1. How many sites do you allow per server? or to be more specific. What is the maximum number of sites (domains) you allow per server?
    I am asking because with the hosting company I am using presently(also allows unlimited domains), there are over 1000 sites on the same server which makes the upload of my site slow.
    Also, how is the speed of the mysql databases because this can lag a site significantly which I am presently experiencing.

Also, how is the downtime? why I am asking this question is the hosting company I am with presently guarantees 98% uptime but my site is still down on a weekly basis so a truthful answer would be great.

Thanks for your time…


I don’t think they do it that way here. It is more a question of available resources - if a particular server is under more load than others, they will either move sites around or add more servers as needed. Speed has not been an issue for me in the two years I’ve had sites hosted here.

There is no specific uptime guarantee that I’m aware of, but my experience has been excellent thus far. Over the two years I’ve been here, I’d say that the total amount of downtime was just a few hours (WAY better than 99%).

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You can use a service such as to check how many other sites are hosted on a particular thing.

For example, mine shows 10 other sites besides my own.