Question about rewards

I have one question about how DH calculates rewards.

If we give a promo code which gives max discount, we get 0 if we set to one-time payment.

What if we set to 10% forever? I think we get 0 for the first year. How about next year, do we get 10% for the following years?

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Not as far as I can tell. There wouldn’t be a difference in the promo code to decide the 10% of ???

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As I understand it, it doesn’t matter what you have your rewards set to, if someone uses your promo-code then that referral is automatically set to one-time rewards payment, regardless of whatever you have your rewards set to.

Here is a quote from the panel (the highlighting is mine);

[color=#0000CC]“The only downside is whatever discount (new! and/or feature bonus!) you give them comes out of your $97 one-time rewards payment (anybody who uses a promo code will be set as a one-time rewards, not recurring). But hey, that’s only fair! It’s basically a way for you to share some of your rewards with the people you’re referring.”[/color]


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I think that 10% forever is just for direct referral… with no promotion code, am I right ?

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I believe you are correct. At least, that is my understanding of how things work. :slight_smile:


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It depends if you have chosen to have rewards paid that way. Use of a promo code simply overrides your choice.

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Remember that your choice does affect how you receive secondary payments - though I’ve never been exactly clear on when your selection “takes effect”…

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I could be wrong, but I don’t believe your rewards setting affects secondary payments from referrals who originally used your promo code. Like the primary referral, these are automatically ‘one-time payment’ and you will receive $5 for these, regardless of your rewards setting.


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That is correct. Essentially, if you are set to a percentage of invoice amount for rewards, that is all superseded by a promo code and that reward becomes a “one-time payment” - the original amount varying depending upon the discount offered, and the secondary payment being $5.00. :slight_smile: .