Question about resource usage

This may sound stupid, and it probably is, but I have a question about the CPU usage reports.

I was glancing at my latest CPU reports when I noticed something that had escaped my eyes in the past: all percentages are calculated assuming days are 24000 seconds long (which is roughly 6.5 hours). It’s not that I’m using anything near that, but I wonder why is it that the stats are calculated with 24000 instead of 86400 which is the actual amount of seconds in a day

Yes, I know persistent processes are not allowed and that no one should ever need 86400 CPU seconds per day on a shared account… but for statistical accuracy, shouldn’t it be better to just divide the totals by 86400 instead of 24000?


Apples and oranges. You’re thinking elapsed time - like using a stop watch, sampling wallclock time. CPU time is measured differently - clock ticks used executing instructions. 24000 is a fudge factor used to make more sense but not an accurate conversion.

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