Question About Redirection

I’ll try not to make this sound too confusing…

Sometime ago I register and fully hosted a domain with dreamhost. Recently I added a second domain and set it to redirect to an unrelated site. By unrelated I mean it’s a forum site that has nothing to do with dreamhost or my other domain or anything. It’s just a powerboard site that exists elsewhere on some InvisionFree server. So the redirect works fine and now when I login to my ftp I see the folder for my first site as well as the folder for this redirect domain. I thought maybe I could put some html files in the folder for this redirected domain and access those too (ie" and that I could browse those files like any other webpage. I see now it’s not that simple. So what I’m asking is, is there any way to achieve this? have the domain remain a redirect but keep html files there that can be accessed through a browser when you type in the full path name? Or am i better off to set the domain to fully hosted, put a small redirect script in an index file and host the rest of the html files?

Yah… so … I hope someone can follow that bull$%@#.

I’m assuming you still want the domain itself to redirect, but would like to do other stuff in the other directories?

Ex: redirects elsewhere, but you can still have something like and view them there?

If so, you could switch that domain back to full hosting, then just create an index.php page that does a 301 redirect to where it currently points.

Create an index.Php and get rid of other indexes (htm, html, etc…).

This is what should be in index.php:

<?php header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); header("Location:"); exit(); ?>

Is that what you mean? If you do that, index.php will redirect to the other domain, but anything else can be called from where ever you put it.

If you simply leave the domain as a redirect, then you can’t call other files from it. But there’s no reason to leave it as a redirect, since you have unlimited fully hosted domains.

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Yes! That was exactly what I was asking, thanks! I had thought about just creating the index file that redirects on a fully hosted domain and I guess I’ll have to do that. Thanks for the reply.