Question about Promo & Current Special


Okay, I read through the affliate pages and I want to be sure I have this correct. The current special for the level 1 plan is 7.95 per month with no setup fee if you sign up for two years. This is taking in to account the current 20% discount applied per month from 9.95 per month.

So that makes the upfront cost: 7.95 x 24 = $190.80

I see promo coupons for $50, $55, $97 off, etc.

I don’t understand the difference between the rates, why some people have promo coupons for different amounts. Is it because they have referred more people?

Also, if I were to sign up with the $97 coupon would my upfront cost be $190.80 - $97 = $93.80 for two years?

Then I would pay the regular cost without the promo still keeping the 20% discount for the 3rd and 4th years?


DreamHost pays a $97 rewards payment for anyone referring a new customer to them, they also let customers create their own promo codes.

The discount the promo code provides comes out of the $97 rewards payment, the customer who creates the promo code decides how much of the $97 to keep themselves and how much to offer the new customer as a discount. Some decide to split the rewards payment 50/50, some decide on a different ratio and some decide to offer the whole $97 as a discount.

While a promo code can provide a full $97 discount on yearly and 2 yearly plans, the maximum discount allowed by DreamHost on monthly plans is less than $97 (usually $50 or $60 depending on the plan).

Your first payment would be $93.80 and you will not need to make another payment for 2 years. If you decide to remain at DreamHost after the 2 years, your plan renewal will be at the full plan cost (whatever that is in 2 years).

I hope thats made the promo code situation a bit clearer for you.

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