Question about promo codes

Right now, I’m on the 10% plan for referrals and 5% for sub-referrals. If I made a code that saved the user x dollars off their hosting, how much credit would I get? Would it be
0.1*(plan cost - x) for referrals and
0.05*(plan cost - x) for sub-referrals
or 10 and 5 percent of the plan’s total cost?


From the promo code page in the panel:

“The only downside is whatever discount (new! and/or feature bonus!) you give them comes out of your $97 one-time rewards payment (anybody who uses a promo code will be set as a one-time rewards, not recurring). But hey, that’s only fair! It’s basically a way for you to share some of your rewards with the people you’re referring.”

So you will be set to a one time instead of 10%, and you reward will be minus whatever you give away. Hope this clears things up for you.

–Matttail - personal website

If you make a code giving a discount you don’t get the 10% plan it automatically defaults to $97 minus whatever the discount is worth. You would only get the 10% if they signed up without a discount.

If you set to 10/5% you will still get 5% for secondary referrals this isn’t affected by the promo code you made.

$97 DISCOUNT with [color=#CC0000]DISCOM97[/color]
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