Question about plan and domain


i have My Crazy Domain Insane plan
and it come with a free domain, so does that mean when the plan renew the domain also renew for free, or i have to pay?

also, does the plan renew on its own, or i have to do something to continue the plan?

sorry my english is bad, but thank you



If you renew the plan, you receive another “domain credit”.
You can opt to use the new credit to renew the domain, register a new domain, or transfer a domain.

You can set if the domain automatically renews here:

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Your ‘free’ domain registration is for the life of the hosting. If you continue to renew your hosting at DreamHost, the domain registration will be renewed as part of your plan renewal cost.


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wow this is good to know. i thought they would make extra money by having us pay for the renewel when the year is over…

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Nope, it remains free for as long as you keep renewing your hosting. :slight_smile:

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