Question about PHP performance

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I am outputting data from a query into an html page. I made my mockup using simple HTML and now I am going through referencing the variables to make the content dynamic. My question is whether you think there is a noticeable performance impact from having many PHP tags throughout the code like in my example. I can go through and format the entire HTML string in a PHP variable, but that makes things a little more complicated.

I can and will do some benchmarking on this page, but I’d rather avoid creating the whole variablized version if it’s not necessary. Does anyone have some experience with this question who would be willing to share what they have learned with me? Thanks for any suggestions.

Seller Information
First <?php echo($lead["first_name"]); ?> Last <?php echo($lead["last_name"]); ?>
Day Phone <?php echo($lead["day_phone"]); ?> Evening Phone <?php echo($lead["evening_phone"]); ?>
Cell/Pager <?php echo($lead["cell_pager"]); ?> When to Call <?php echo($lead["best_time_to_call"]); ?>
Email <?php echo($lead["email"]); ?>


I see no reason why you should suffer any performance issues with this approach.

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Thanks for the input. This isn’t a real resource intensive site to begin with but I like to at least do a baseline level of research to keep from building something that is even less scalable than I would be able to make it with my limited software design capability.