Question about personal media website


I have attempted on more than one occasion to setup a personal webserver from home so I can have access to my music collection wherever I have internet access. However, I have run into issues with hard drive failures and whatnot that I am just not capable of managing on my own (I’m a web developer, not much of an administrator).

I was wondering about the feasibility of having a password-protected website through DreamHost that houses large amounts of data, such as audio files (legal audio files that I personally rip from my CD collection) that can be streamed to my phone or something.

I have reviewed the Acceptable Use Policy, and while it states that personal data backup is prohibited, it does sound like as long as the files are serving a purpose for a website that it is okay.

I wasn’t sure where to go or who to turn to, so I’m posting here in hopes of getting some direction on what it would take to do something of this nature and whether or not it is even allowed.

Thank you for your time,


All files should have a link for download, otherwise it is NOT part of a website.
But since thes are rips from copyrighted CD’s/material it clearly violates the TOS and DMCA.

So the answer is NO not on Dreamhost.

Try a cloud server harddrive (e.g. Western Digital has those), just hookup to your modem and job done (not really but it is your personal server then)


Thank you for the clarification, ronthai (very quick response, too!).

I had a feeling that would be the case, but I wanted to know for certain, as legal agreements are very difficult to understand when they are written in a way that is meant to be both confusing and ambiguous.

I’ll have to look more deeply into creating a solution that can be run from my house that doesn’t require as much maintenance.

Much appreciated,