Question about new account in DreamHost bonus code

My account ends in 5 weeks. I must extended it for 119$? Can I make a new account with bonus code and transfer my site/domains and mysql database?

Please answer. I would like to be legal with dreamhost :slight_smile:

Absolutely not. That would be a clear violation of DreamHost’s Terms of Service and a misuse of the promotional code / reward system. You would probably have your account terminated and you would lose any award revenue you had accumulated.

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Ok thanks. So I renew my account for 119$.

You can save money by renewing more than 1 year at a time. Save $24 by registering two years, $72 if you renew three years, and so on.


Remember that by “renewing” for 2 years or more you’ll also be switching over to the new Happy Hosting plan, which may provide more disk space than you currently have - 500 GB!

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